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Gynecomastia is breast enlargement in men. Gynecomastia, which can be observed in about half of adult males, can cause psychological problems that reduce the quality of life as well as aesthetic problems. Lack of breasts in the desired form can lead to psychological and social problems such as embarrassment, lack of self-confidence, anxiety, difficulty in choosing clothes, and even depression. Gynecomastia; Depending on the enlargement of the mammary glands (glandular type), due to excess adipose tissue (fatty type) or due to both mammary gland and adipose tissue excess (mixed type). In gynecomastia, which occurs due to the increase in the mammary gland, this type of gynecomastia may disrupt the body perception of the person, since the breasts are more similar to the female breast. Gynecomastia, which does not require treatment and usually disappears within a few years, can be observed in infancy, adolescence and old age..

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Causes of Male Breast Growth

Gynecomastia can occur without any reason. The most common causes of gynecomastia are:

  • Weight gain leading to an increase in adipose tissue in the breasts
  • Hormone disorders
  • Heart medications, cancer medications, hormone-containing medicines,
  • Alcohol and drug abuse,
  • Some types of cancer, especially lung and liver cancer,
  • Testicular (ovarian) and adrenal gland tumors,
  • Thyroid gland diseases (goiter)

First of all, the cause of gynecomastia should be determined and treated. Therefore, it is very important to investigate the causes of gynecomastia and to evaluate it in terms of ruling out some possible diseases. It should not be forgotten that gynecomastia, which can be observed more in people between the ages of 18-25, can regress or improve in 30% of people with the regulation of hormones. Gynecomastia may disappear when the cause is determined and the underlying disease can be corrected with treatment. However, if the cause cannot be determined or if the appearance of gynecomastia continues despite the treatment of the underlying disease, the only treatment is surgical intervention.

Gynecomastia operation aiming to restore the person to healthy, dynamic, fit and athletic breasts; It is a body shaping operation applied to eliminate fat, growth, curvature, loosening, sagging and cracking in this area. In line with today’s aesthetic values, gynecomastia operation in British Aesthetics is not just as removing excess fat; It is considered as a healthy, dynamic and fit breast design. Aesthetic and plastic surgery specialists make personalized gynecomastia surgery plans.

Gynecomastia surgery performed under general anesthesia is usually based on removing excess tissue through small incisions made around the nipple. These incisions made around the nipple almost leave no scars. If there is excess skin on the breasts, this excess skin is also removed with incisions made around the nipple.

Liposuction or laser lipolysis techniques are used in gynecomastia surgery. The “liposuction” procedure, which serves to remove the excess tissue from the body, is usually sufficient for our young guests whose skin is fresh and whose breasts are not sagged. The “laser lipolysis” method, which serves to stretch, tighten and recover the area, is preferred for our middle-aged or elderly guests with loosened, sagging or cracked breasts.

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