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Medistate is a private hospital based in Istanbul. It has 30 medical departments including Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery.


    Our Hospital Is Accredited By JCI.

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    Organization Accredited by Joint Commission International

    What is plastic surgery?

    Plastic surgery is a surgical procedure performed to remove external physical defects, change the shape, contours and areas of the body, and give the body a more aesthetic appearance.

    Changing appearance is a difficult step that not everyone can take. Nevertheless, more and more patients are turning to plastic surgeons every year. The reasons may be different: some want to get rid of a congenital defect or eliminate the consequences of an accident, while others want to get a slim waist or perfect breasts through plastic surgery. In any case, it is always worth weighing up the pros and cons before resorting to surgery.

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    Why do patients seek plastic surgery?

    Regardless of where you live or what you do, appearance plays a big part in how people value and behave to each other. There is much to be said about the moral and ethical side of this phenomenon. Plastic surgery most often improves not only appearance, but also emotional well-being, mood and self-confidence. This is what people seek out plastic surgery for. Also, we should not forget about purely medical factors, most plastic surgeries are done because of medical issues. Take at least the most popular surgery to restore nasal breathing, hardly anyone can have this surgery simply by choice.


    Let’s mention the main reasons why people seek plastic surgery: 


    Popular Treatments


    With nasal aesthetics, a natural and aesthetic appearance to the nose in harmony with facial features


    The healthiest and most commonly used method of breast enlargement in the world is the one where silicone…


    Loose skin, sagging, stretch marks, wide waist, excessive fat, protruding tummy makes everyone uncomfortable…

    women pinch fat her abdomen

    Together we stand in front of a mirror and begin the examination and start determining excess…

    face lift

    Read on for detailed information about facial aesthetics, face lift, face filling and applications on sagging face;


    Our eyes are the most striking features of our face and reveal our health, soul and body health. As time progresses…

    woman holding meter measuring perfect shape her beautiful body 1

    Body aesthetics is the process of restoring body image. It is an important decision that directly affects mental health, …

    Butt Aesthetics

    A buttock without broad and oval lines causes incompatibility between the lower and upper parts of the body.


    Gynecomastia is breast enlargement in men. Gynecomastia, which can be observed in about half of adult males,  


    Post Bariatric

    Post bariatric surgery is the last stage of a long and fun journey that begins with rapid weight loss after…

    Factors to consider before plastic surgery

    Plastic surgery belongs to the category of invasive procedures. Accordingly, the following aspects must always be taken into account:

    Your expectations.

    You should expect plastic surgery to improve your appearance, but not to achieve perfection. You should be aware that one surgery will not turn you into a movie star. Plastic surgery should be performed responsibly.

    The cost of the surgery.

    The cost of surgery depends on the complexity of the procedure. On average it varies from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. It is also necessary to consider the cost of additional corrective procedures and follow-up care. Sometimes it is not possible to achieve the desired result by one surgery only. It may be necessary to perform several different procedures together. 

    Possible risks.

    Dissatisfaction with the outcome of the plastic surgery procedure may occur after any surgical intervention. Also, complications such as bleeding or scarring should never be excluded.

    Recovery period.

    After plastic surgery you will need some time to recover: from several days to several months. Surgery can also affect various aspects of your professional and personal life.

    Psychological changes.

    Plastic surgery can boost your self-esteem. However, aesthetic surgery is not a solution for depression and other psychological diseases.

    Talk to a specialist beforehand.

    Before deciding for surgery you should consult with several specialists and choose the best plastic surgeon. Medistate Hospital offers a free consultation to its patients. The consultation is divided into several stages. First, patients send in pictures for analysis. If the patient is suitable for the operation that he/she wants, they can go on to the next stage and have a video consultation with the doctor who is going to perform the operation. 

    Plastic surgeons will examine your medical history and determine the list of indications and contraindications for the operation. All necessary examinations and consultations with specialists will also be carried out.

    Why Medistate Hospital?

    Accredited By
    Joint Commission International

    Top Doctors Of Turkey With Many Years Of Experience

    More Than 35 IC (Intensive Care) Units Of Different Types

    Easily Accessible Location

    150 Patient Rooms (Bosphorus view)

    Exceptional Medical Care

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      Our Packages Include

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      We provide packages both without and with accommodation. Patients choose which option suits them the most. The hotels we provide are close to the hospital, so patients can access the hospital quickly. Since Istanbul is a very large city with endless traffic jams, staying close to the hospital is an advantage.

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      We provide packages both without  and with transportation services. Patients choose which option suits them the most. Upon request, patients are given private cars with all the necessary facilities inside. Transportation includes pick-up and drop-off at the airport, transportation between the hotel and the hospital.


      Personal Assistant

      Each patient is given a personal assistant on arrival in Istanbul who speaks the patient’s native language. The assistant guides the patient through all stages of their journey. The assistant also continues to help patients after they return home.

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